Can The Jets Defense Jet Them To The Top?

Lets do this,

It’s getting closer and closer my friends. The NFL is around the corner. The New York Jets have a great number of flaws that more than likely will not be addressed before the season begins. But I can not help myself from getting pumped up. I mean it has to be some type of sickness that Jet and Met fans have because the teams continue to break our hearts. Despite this, we still have the same intensity going into the next season.

The Jets last year were 8-3 going into week 13. They had beat the undefeated Tennessee Titans and the Patriots both on the road and things were looking up. I tasted the playoffs. Then they decide to implode and go 1-5 in the last 6 weeks and fuck everything up. Between Favre’s maniac interceptions in the red zone and having players talking smack about one another, the team was in shambles.

There is a laundry list of other reasons this teams failed in the last 6 weeks but we are past that now. Coles and Favre have left the team and I say good riddance. Favre mistake prone ways made him a huge liability and as for Coles; I don’t need anyone on my team complaining about getting the ball thrown to them. I mean saying something to one another in the locker room is one thing, but saying it to the media is just a bitch move. Now that Favre is gone, Thomas Jones won’t have to go on the hip hop radio station hot 97 and talk about how Favre was losing games for them. None of this would have been an issue if we had had a head coach with any type of nutsack, and that’s why Rex Ryan is in and Mangini was given the boot.

New Head Coach Rex Ryan Hopes To Bring Big Smiles And Wins To The NY Jets This Season

New Head Coach Rex Ryan Hopes To Bring Big Smiles And Wins To The NY Jets This Season

This Season Rex does have a tall order ahead. He first has to figure out who his QB is going to be. The Jets traded up to the 5th overall pick this year and drafted pretty boy Marc Sanchez out of USC. I understand that he only played 13 games as a starter at USC, but in those games he performed with great poise and exhibited the tools of a champion player who can be a stud in this league. It helps out a bit that Rex Ryan has a great blueprint by which to groom him, being a member of a Baltimore coaching staff last season that did it with rookie QB Joe Flacco. What I think Rex has to steer clear of is any QB controversy once the season gets under way. Kellen Clemens is the other QB in contention for the job, and I just don’t think he’s got the stuff. He had a chance to prove himself last year and he failed. I wouldn’t be able to take the bullshit of having him start the season, them lose 3 games, and have all the talk that the season is lost and its time to put Sanchez in. Unless the team is 0-9 you have to stick to your guns and let things play out. The move is to start Sanchez and keep the fans behind you. Nobody wants to see Kellen Clemens run out opening Sunday as their teams QB…Nobody.

The next issue to be dealt with is this Wide Reciever core which is lacking a ton of experience. After Jericho it’s a laundry list of guys like Chansi Stuckey, Brad Smith, David Clowney, and Wallace Wright who combined for 449 yards receiving last year. Not so hot. But there’s always the option of Leon Washington out of the back field and rising star Dustin Keller at tight end. I think the lack of receiving options will force offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer to be much more creative this year, which would be great considering how gutless he was last season.

Things Rex won’t have to worry about as much are his offensive line and his running game. With Mangold and D’Brickshaw going into their 4th seasons and veterans like Damien Woody and the never flagged Alan Faneca, this team is going to do some serious damage running the football and in pass protection. Thomas Jones and Leon Washington will have holes a mack truck could squeeze through. Think like anybody when they are spending one night in Paris Hilton, that type of space.

Jones led the AFC in rushing and could threaten to do so again. And with Washington’s explosiveness as a change of pace back, the two of them could be in for another season of stat stacking. Let’s not forget Veteran Tony Richardson at full back leading the way for this dynamic duo. Now what all Jet Fans should be pumped about is going to be this smash mouth D that Rex Ryan is in the process of grooming. With acquisitions like Bart Scott, Lito Sheppard, and Jim Leonard and returning stars such as Kerry Rhodes, Kris Jenkins, David Harris, Sean Ellis and Darrelle Revis, this team has the potential to be top 3 overall on defense. This has never been the method of operations for the jets at all, but I fuckin lovvveeee ittttt. Not in my lifetime have I seen a defense first, offense second type of team. When do they ever have a big stop on a 3rd and 1 or some huge goal line stand? It just doesn’t happen for this team.

If players can stay healthy (Kris Jenkins) this team is going to be a force like no other with Rex Ryan at the helm. Next post I’m going to talk about some future bets for all you degenerate gamblers out there just like me.




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