July 7, 2009

Hello sports junkies

This blog is for all you sports obsessed mad men and woman who love to speculate, argue, prognosticate, and share opinions about professional sports topics. Athletes, executives, coaches, and pretty much anything involved in the world of ┬ásports could be debated day and night. When your favorite team’s regular season comes to a close you can come here to rant about what went wrong, or you can come and talk about what must be done next to become a better team. We will touch on a variety of subjects all dependent upon the thoughts or opinions that strike us at any given moment. NBA, NFL, MLB, PGA Tour…whatever

Why should you read this blog? I don’t know, lets find out together.

Hope you enjoy what we have to bring to you in the future

Your sports junkies at the newly created on and offseason sports blog,

Brandon & Jordan